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Pre-operative Care

Avoid tobacco for at least 2 – 3 days. Better still use this as a chance to quit!

Brush teeth, gums, and tongue surface carefully paying attention to the molar teeth (rear teeth).

Shave your beard unless you usually sport facial hair.

Wearing of makeup is ok but unnecessary. Avoid nail polish which can interfere with the pulse oximeter. Lip stick is inadvisable as it can get smudged.

Shampoo your hair thoroughly with your morning shower.

For procedures with a General Anaesthetic or IV Sedation: You must not eat or drink for six hours prior to surgery. Take all your usual Medicines unless specifically ordered not to. Even though you are fasting you are allowed to take tablets with a tiny sip of water (not milk or other fluids).

For procedures performed under Local Anaesthesia there is no need to fast. Eat and drink as you would normally.

Take all your routine prescribed medications the day of surgery unless specifically ordered not to by Dr Younessi or another doctor actively involved in your management. If you are unsure please ask. Do not simply stop medicines.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes and shoes.

Do not wear jewellery unless these cannot be safely removed.

If you are being sedated you must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age of 18 or older). This person is required to stay on site during your surgery and receive post-operative instructions along with you. Your recollection is typically clouded.

An escort is not a must if you are having local anaesthesia procedures unless, of course you are a minor, or prefer to have support from family or friends.

You will be given written and oral instructions and sometimes a “take away” mouth pack. There may be a script for medicines.

Have the medicines dispensed and comply with all instructions carefully please.

If there is still any confusion please telephone for advice.

You are required to pay for surgery on or before the day of the treatment. This payment includes gap amounts not covered by the insurance company.